Amid Shot and Shell of a Hundred Battlefields: The Life of Samuel Percival Greene, including The Last Great Adventure: John Alfred Torney Evans

Author Larry Francell digs into his own family history to share the stories of two men from different backgrounds who were impacted by the events of their time. First, the story of Samuel Percival Greene, or S.P. Greene, who rises in ranks in the Confederacy during the Civil War and then moves to the early city of Fort worth to practice law and become a judge in Tarrant County. Then the story of John Alfred Torney Evans who pursued the call of quick riches during the Klondike Gold Rush before returning home to his family in Texas.

Larry explains their stories and histories in an effort to pull apart the myths and reasoning that they used for their endeavors. While pointing out that although this is family history, he does not stand by the same beliefs his ancestor used to justify fighting in the U.S. Civil War, and that the same person later helped shape some of the community of early Fort Worth. Overall, both accounts are a fascinating look into two individual people who participated in big moments in history.

“Amid Shot and Shell of a Hundred Battlefields: The Life of Samuel Percival Greene” includes several color photographs and is now available at local retailers such as:

The Paint Box/Cactus Fountain Studio on State Street
(along with paintings by local artists Beth Francell, Patricia Moreland, and Lanna Duncan).

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